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So you love details, hey?

I’m Lou Griffiths, founder / creative director / designer at Humanised Web + Graphic Design Solutions. That all sounds a bit fancy though, right? I’m not into making things sound ‘fancy’, I like telling things how they really are; so here’s a bit more about myself in plain simple text.

I am a location independent designer, a digital nomad; I travel / am based in various locations while I work. This allows me to soak up inspiration for design solutions because I am constantly seeing new things, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. I see the way businesses are marketing themselves to their ideal clients all over the globe – not just what the other graphic designer around the block is up to in my home town.

I am in constant communication with the people I work with thanks to brilliant modern tools such as Skype, Trello, Dropbox and the old faithful – email.

I’ve never been interested in trying to be a big design agency. I like to keep things simple. Why complicate something that is great as it is? I work with fantastic people and use my knowledge to design creative solutions in various mediums (which I LOVE). I work from anywhere in the world where I can access the internet and a power point. Pretty simple. Less fuss, more design time.

From time to time on my blog I share posts from my travels. I love that I’m able to give an insight into what inspires me to the people that I work with. I’ve worked as a location independent designer since my husband and I (and our dog Quinn) began driving around Australia in 2012. Since then we have travelled to / driven around 25 countries. You can follow my journey as a digital nomad (while adding destinations to your own ‘must-see’ list) on Instagram @CollectingBliss.

Sharing who I really am with the people that I work with has opened up all sorts of new doors. I have long-term relationships with majority of the clients who enquire to work with me. I love that they trust my vision and creative direction for their businesses for now and in the future.

I design user-friendly, functional, and unique websites to reflect the passion and personality which drives your business. Your website is your central hub for the public. It’s the place where you can share who you are with people constantly, all day, every day and turn their interest into leads. The websites that I design are highly functional (not just pretty!) and they are created to DO things for your business. Showcasing your passion and being honest about your service attracts like-minded customers who understand and value what you can offer them.

Being a graphic designer, I can also develop a logo to represent your business and use your brand’s strengths consistently across your marketing materials (social media, flyers, business cards and more).

I’m a passionate writer also, and I create copy for businesses and individuals to explain their services and to reflect their brand personality.

I team up with talented creative professionals to bring my clients great opportunities with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation a.k.a Google ranking) and other creative services.

I’ve worked in the design industry for seven years, although my love for creativity kicked off well before that. I grew up drawing, painting and taking photographs; I introduced myself to photoshop and digital imaging when I was in primary school. I would sit around writing stories and my imagination ran like a tap. In 2007 my artwork was purchased by the Department of Education and to this day hangs in a government building in Sydney. This is when I realised that perhaps I could follow my creative heart and turn it into a ‘career’.

I worked as a junior graphic designer in a print lab and for a Gold Coast wedding photography business, editing images and designing graphics. I then went on to look after the design department in an audio visual company, often completing full production of product catalogues within a few days solo.

After a few years I decided to go freelance. Here we are over four years later and I am so glad that I took that step. I’ve designed websites, logos and marketing materials for a range of businesses and people since then.

If you’d like to know more about how I can get involved with your project, or wish to know more about my travel / work lifestyle feel free to get in touch. Whether your dream is starting your own business, giving your existing business / organisation a fresh new vision or if you’re a creative who wishes to become location independent like I am – I’d love to hear from you.

I am proud to be a GreenX Ambassador, promoting wellbeing and helping people to truly live their lives.

I also proudly sponsor The Better Together Foundation, a not-for-profit which helps people over 25 who are fighting cancer in memory of my beautiful friend Katie Bain. If you have time to check out this wonderful cause which could one-day give love and support to important people in your life, please do.