Changes to Website Maintenance Plans

As stated in our July 13th 2017 Newsletter: We have made changes to our website maintenance plans, and our new packages are shown below. Even if you do not currently have a web maintenance plan in place with me, please read on. The details below will give you a great...

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What is SSL + do you REALLY need it?

So, what is SSL or HTTPS exactly? You may have heard the term thrown around online or in business. But seriously, what is SSL? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), also known as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which...

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Yep, we look after your Web Hosting too.

What's Web Hosting? You want an awesome website, right? It needs to look fabulous, read well, be user friendly, show perfect images, link to your social media accounts, allow you to post to a blog, attract leads and enquiries, be viewable on phones and other modern...

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El Questro – 1 million acres of bliss

Follow my personal Instagram account @CollectingBliss to see my travels as a digital nomad. You may wish to check out our overview about our HUGE mini 4wd trip to the Kimberley first for some tips... Oh, El Questro. A genuine paradise in the rugged Australian outback....

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The Kimberleys – HUGE mini 4wd trip

Follow my personal Instagram account @CollectingBliss to see my travels as a digital nomad. Our Gibb River Road / Kimberleys HUGE mini trip has been broken up into separate articles (so your head doesn't explode with excitement). See: Driving the iconic Gibb River...

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Lou Griffiths Digital Nomad

Hey! I'm Lou Griffiths - chief Design Wing Woman here at Humanised.

I travel all over Australia and the world while working on creative projects. It's great because I feel inspired constantly, while also staying up to date with the latest technology and web design techniques worldwide.

Follow my digital nomad travels on Instagram at or collectingbliss.

Being 'the real me' online has allowed me to connect and work with some really lovely and interesting people who share a similar outlook on life and business to me, and value my experience which I am so grateful for.