Is Website Maintenance important?

Websites all over the world are run using Wordpress - the same platform that all of my client's websites are built with and my own for that matter. If you're one of my clients, your website is using the same CMS platform that BBC America, The New Yorker, Sony Music,...

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Guide: Start Your Own Business

Follow my personal Instagram account @CollectingBliss to see my travels as a digital nomad. Here at Humanised Web + Graphic Design Solutions, we frequently work with start-ups or small businesses who aren't sure of what they need to do to start their own business....

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Simple Online Accounting

Introducing Freshbooks! "Join 5 million people using FreshBooks to painlessly send invoices, track time and capture expenses." When I was first told to check out Freshbooks a while ago now, I thought why on earth would I want to sign-up to something else that costs my...

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Travelling with Dogs

If you've bothered to click the link to read this post, well then hello fellow dog lover. Let's chat about travelling with dogs. You're here to read about travelling with dogs. It's the age old travel tear-jerker (for some people...) - does the puppy come along for...

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How to keep your valuables safe

When you're travelling, there's always the risk of your valuable, lovely possessions being stolen. It sucks, but it's the way of the world. Here's what we've learned to keep our precious items safe when on the road in the world: If you're staying in a hostel or hotel...

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Is a life change calling you?

Suddenly our big exciting adventure was over. We were back to our familiar life in our home town. We would still hit the road on the weekends to get our kick of freedom, but in reality we were back into the routine of life at home. Working during the week to pay the...

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Lou Griffiths Digital Nomad

Hey! I'm Lou Griffiths - chief Design Wing Woman here at Humanised.

I travel all over Australia and the world while working on creative projects. It's great because I feel inspired constantly, while also staying up to date with the latest technology and web design techniques worldwide.

Follow my digital nomad travels on Instagram at or collectingbliss.

Being 'the real me' online has allowed me to connect and work with some really lovely and interesting people who share a similar outlook on life and business to me, and value my experience which I am so grateful for.