Lou Griffiths Digital Nomad

Hey! I'm Lou Griffiths - chief Design Wing Woman here at Humanised.

Running a location independent boutique digital agency means that I travel all over while working on projects. This allows me to draw inspiration constantly for projects while staying in the know with new web features and worldwide trends. You can get to know me a bit more by checking out this blog. You can also follow my travels on Instagram at humanised.com.au or collectingbliss to see a bit of what I get up to as a digital nomad.

I don't make time to blog post often as I'm usually flat out working on projects but I really LOVE writing, I always have - so sharing my thoughts and adventures with you here is really enjoyable for me.

Being honest about who I am has attracted (amazing!) people who have similar beliefs and goals to work with me which I am so grateful for.

If you have any questions about design projects, or if you'd like to know some tips about being a digital nomad yourself - please get in touch by emailing me at louise@humanised.com.au. I'd love to show you how easy it can be to reach your goals when you keep things simple!