I am beyond stoked that you’re ready to jump in! Okay, let’s do this!

By getting started through me, you become part of my oily fam. You’ll gain access to all the recipes, ideas, inspo, & community to help you get comfortable using your oils! We have a private facebook group where we hang out & chat about all the oily things – an empowering, safe space for you to learn. Our community is full of thousands of other beautiful oilers to answer your questions & help you out along the way!

After you order your starter bundle, you’ll receive a welcome email from me to plug you into all this goodness, as well as:

ᕱ a helpful walk through your starter bundle
ᕱ happy mail at your doorstep (from me!) with my favourite blends, rollers bottles & an incredible book FULL of ideas & education on how to use everything!
ᕱ your personal referral link that you can pass along to your friends when they want oils too (happens all the time & you can get $65 AUD from YL each time someone uses your link to grab their bundle)!

Here are the starter bundles you can choose from: (I got started with the Aria starter bundle – it’s GORGEOUS & so worth treating yourself to! We also have the desert mist diffuser in our bedroom & the lantern in my office – both have beautiful candle flicker modes!)


Grabbing your starter bundle is simple! Click here to open the ordering page & follow the below 6 steps!

If you’re outside of Australia, go to, select your country, click ‘become a member’ at the top of the screen & follow the instructions. The most important part is making sure my member number is entered where it asks who referred you (enter this number as both the enroller & sponsor: 22027629). This ensures you join my lowtox community to access all of our amazing resources & to receive your welcome gifts from me! If you need help getting started, message me anytime! I am always here for you ♡

1. Check out the perks! Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to sell oils or be locked into any contract. Just enjoy the discount! It simply gets you your bundle + a 24% wholesale discount for the year.

2. Choose your starter bundle. Do a little happy dance!

3. Optional: customise your enrolment order – if you want to add products to your order, click the ‘edit my order’ button here. Use the search bar to find what you’re after i.e. ‘toothpaste’, or ‘thieves household cleaner’. Click ‘add to order’ next to the product you choose. Once done, scroll down and click ‘save order’ to be taken back to the main order page.

4. You can set up a monthly wellness box (called Essential Rewards). This is hands down my favouriteeeee part of young living! The smartest way to begin a nontoxic lifestyle & receive SO many freebies/rewards points in the process! (I recommend adding thieves laundry soap (190 washes!) & thieves household cleaner (makes 42x 500ml bottles of all-purpose cleaner) for now so you can get all the freebies, but you can always go back in & change or cancel it before it processes next month!!!)

There are loads of amazing perks for signing up for Essential Rewards, so you’re basically throwing away money if you don’t do it! It saves me so many trips to the shops & it feels like Christmas when this box shows up at my door every month!

Click YES for Essential Rewards when you grab your starter bundle with me THIS MONTH & receive:

ᕱ AND Sacred Mountain blend oil from me!

Easily cancel Essential Rewards (ER) at anytime with no fees or anything weird like that.

5. Click ‘next’ & fill out your details! Did someone refer you? Yes should be ticked, and my member number used in both the sponsor and enroller spots: 22027629. This will make sure you’re joining my oily community to access our amazing resources & receive your welcome gifts (from me!).

Select “Individual” for the Commission Processing Information (nothing you need to worry about unless you’re interested in the amazing biz side of YL – just give me a yell if you are!), & agree to the Terms & Conditions.

6. Stalk the postie!

I’m only a quick message away if you have ANY questions! I freaking LOVE taking care of my oily tribe. Expect an SMS & email from me soon to welcome you to the fam & help you get started with your starter bundle!


Lou xx

Everything we do is infused with the energy in which we do it. If we are frantic, life is frantic. If we are peaceful, life will be peaceful. I choose peaceful.

FAQ – Essential Rewards

  • No monthly commitment – essential rewards is optional! If you want to, you can literally just order your starter bundle and that’s it! If you decide you want more lavender in a couple of months time for example, you can just pop onto your account and buy it at the wholesale price!
  • No renewal fee – simply purchase a minimum of 50 PV of product per year and your account stays active.
  • No minimum order – order as often as you’d like, whenever you want to, at 24% off the retail prices.
  • Although Young Living calls their wholesale customers “Distributors”, this does NOT mean that you are signing up to sell oils and there is absolutely no pressure to do so – ever.
  • Member number – you’ll get a member # & link to share with friends. If they order using your member number, you’ll receive compensation – if you join essential rewards and spend 100pv a month.
  • I recommend Essential Rewards over doing “standard orders” each month. Bundle all the items you want in your essential rewards order and get the free gifts on offer that month from YL!
  • Ordering on Essential Rewards gets you 10-25% back in points each month. Use these rewards points to place a standard order at anytime of your favourite oils, household staples, or treat yo’ self to something special!
  • Cancel anytime!!

FAQ – The YL Business

  • When you grab your starter bundle, fall in LOVE with this lifestyle and community like I did and want to know more about about the business… ask me any questions! I’m an open book. This business has literally changed my family’s life, and helping to empower other women and their families gives me all the feels! I currently have availability to personally mentor two women each month. If you’re at all curious, I encourage you to check out our facebook group. It’s the perfect spot to check it all out, see what our team culture is all about and see what your heart feels about it. Request to join this group, and make sure to message me so I can approve you into the group: Magnify Your Purpose with the YL Business
  • Time needed to have a YL business – I started my business as a new mumma with my 10 week baby. YOU choose how much you work, when you work, how you work. I built my business in 5 minute increments throughout the day when it suited ME. Time is going to pass anyway! How much time do you currently spend watching netflix or scrolling socials? I’ve used that time instead to build a residual income business for my family! Best thing I’ve ever done.
  • Eeeeekkk the idea of being ‘salesy’ – You do you boo! Don’t be salesy. I have never sold anything! I share my journey as I learn and if people choose to ask me about it, then I help them. When I love a cafe, a clothing brand, a book – I tell everyoneeee about it! It’s 2021. We are all network marketers in this age. If I wasn’t doing this business, I’d still be telling everyone about these oils and products because they’re incredible!! By supporting my business, you’re helping many beautiful women on my team (not just me!) to take care of their families and allowing them to dream bigger for themselves. What a gift!! This is the power of network marketing when done from a heart-centred place with integrity! AND I LOVE IT!!
  • Lemme tell you a little story. Not only is this business getting my own family closer to our dream life through my dedication to my business, but my team is literally fullllll of women who have retired their husbands (at the age of 30), they travel full-time, they’re living their dream lives – with a few years of hardcore focus here. One example, Naomi who was a school teacher in Australia here. She didn’t want to return to work after maternity leave. She started her YL business a little over 4 years ago and is now at a promotion which earns an average MONTHLY income of $48,800 USD. Yep, monthly. I’ve met Naomi. She’s a very lovely, ‘normal’ person. Who put her head down and really worked hard for her business. All of the resources that Naomi has used to grow her business, she has shared with me. And I share these resources onto the amazing humans that I mentor too! That’s just ONE story from our team – there are soooo many!! It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but if you’re willing to put the work and time in, the opportunities really are endless! Check out the full income disclosure here.
  • How long does it take to make money? Truly, it depends on how much love you put into it. If you treat it like a hobby, it’ll pay like a hobby. I’ve looked at it like a uni degree. I’m learning as I go. But instead of focusing for 4 years with zero income, and then trying to find a job with uni debt – I’m putting that time directly into my future with my business! I treated my business like a business from day one with my time and love, and was getting paid well from the very first month! The amount of work you put into this business is completely up to you. Maybe you just want your monthly Essential Rewards order to be paid for. Maybe you want to go all the way with it like I am. It’s completely up to you! YOU set the pace.
  • You are building a foundation for a life-long residual income!! All the work you put in at the beginning compounds. I’ve seen this myself and it’s magical! It’s also a will-able income, meaning if something happens to me, my paycheque continues to reach my bank account each month for my husband and daughter.
  • Our team has all the resources, free training, inspiration, coaching, graphics – E V E R Y T H I N G you’ll ever need to grow your business. AND I’m here with you every step of the way!
  • If you’re curious and wanna see if this business is for you, request to join our facebook group. It answers all of your questions and is the perfect place to see what our team culture is all about. Make sure to message me so I can approve you into the group: Magnify Your Purpose with the YL Business

We cannot become what we want, by remaining what we are.