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We’re so thrilled that you have chosen us to work on the professional copywriting for your website or project.

It’s not easy creating professional content for websites and developing suitable text for your marketing material. Our expert copy team will turn your ideas into well-written text, SEO-friendly text. We create content which reflects your unique brand.

Before going ahead, please view all inclusions and prices on our current price list. Please complete the following copywriting brief form if you’re ready to book in your project.

Once submitted, we’ll have a good look through your answers and will be in touch with any questions that we may have. If we don’t have any follow-up questions and everything looks spot on to move forward, we’ll send through the invoice for your copywriting to book your project in right away.

Please add our email addresses to your contact list to ensure that we don’t go to spam / junk: +

Copywriting Brief Form

  • Hello! Let's get started. What is your name?
  • Which email address can we send drafts to and communicate via during the copywriting process?
  • We primarily communicate via email to give our design team a paper trail to refer to, but if we ever need to chat to you urgently we'll give you a call.
  • Is this project for you (or your company / business), OR is this copywriting for your own client that you're interested in having created as a white label project? (Please refer to our CURRENT PRICE LIST to see the details for wholesale / white label services).
  • Which of the following copywriting services would you like to book in? (Please refer to our CURRENT PRICE LIST for full inclusions and details)
  • If your project is NOT for a website, please tell us about your project here. For example: 30-page annual report, 4-page A4 brochure about our company / services, single-sided DL Flyer promoting our new store location, etc.
  • If you require copywriting for your website, which pages do you require copywriting to be completed for?
  • If you have multiple service pages on your website, or you have multiple key services for your business please tell us the page name / service titles here. If you checked the 'other' box above please tell us the other web pages that you require copywriting for here also.
  • Would you like to hire our copywriting team to create new text from scratch OR to review / edit / enhance / expand on current text that has been written previously?If you would like us to review / edit / enhance / expand on current text - where is this current text to refer to? Please choose the correct option below.
  • What kind of image for your project do you wish to portray for readers?
  • If we haven't worked with you before, please tell us a little about your business, and the products / services offered.
  • Do you have a website online already for your business that we can refer to? If you don't have a website yet, we create websites also if you'd like us to work on one for you. (Please refer to our CURRENT PRICE LIST to see the details for wholesale / white label services)
  • Do you have any brands that you 'look up to', like or connect with? Perhaps they inspired you to start your own business? Please tell us their website URL or where we can find them online i.e. Facebook link if they don't have a website.
  • Are there any other ideas or inspiration for your copywriting that you wish to share with us?If there are certain websites or materials that you like for their copywriting / text personality style please share this with us. Website URLs can be pasted in the box below, and documents etc. can be uploaded below.
  • Upload any notes, sample copywriting or examples here. All files need to be less than 1MB each.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpeg, png, pdf, doc, docx, gif, jpg.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.