When you’re travelling, there’s always the risk of your valuable, lovely possessions being stolen. It sucks, but it’s the way of the world. Here’s what we’ve learned to keep our precious items safe when on the road in the world:

  1. If you’re staying in a hostel or hotel and don’t want to take your valuables with you – always, ALWAYS put your valuable items in the onsite locker before heading out. If you don’t have a locker, ask reception about what lockable safe place they can offer you while you’re out. If you’re staying in a bit of a dive that doesn’t offer a locker (go you, you must have saved some serious pennies!) – ask at the train station that you’re leaving / coming back to or the manager of the day trip that you’re heading to if they offer lockers.
  2. If you’re heading out into the world with your camera, laptop, tablet, phone or other important items, put them at the bottom of your handbag or backpack under other items – if someone manages to get their hands in your bag make it difficult for them. You’ll hopefully feel them digging around before they actually manage to close their fingers around something.
  3. Pull your bag around to the front of your body when passing through crowded public areas, and always keep your bag zips closed.
  4. Be suspicious of everyone. I know that’s terrible, but seriously – if you make some new friends, don’t trust them so easily. Make sure you’re super BBF’s before asking them to watch your stuff – or you may never see them or your awesome camera again. You’ll be left heart-broken, and one valuable item down.
  5. Don’t tempt any criminals passing by – don’t have any personal / valuable items in sight for people walking past your vehicle. When travelling in a vehicle like we do when we live in a van – we make a hidden compartment somewhere for any special items to hide when they get left in the car. Keep the car looking boring while you’re not in there.
  6. Keep your passport locked up somewhere safe (back in the hostel / hotel locker, or well-hidden in your vehicle. Only carry photocopies of your passport for nights out or day trips. Your passport is oh, so very important. It’s the reason you are legally allowed in that country! It’s your golden ticket. Email yourself a copy of your passport as well so you always have a copy accessible, and leave a copy at home with your family or friends.