What’s Web Hosting?

You want an awesome website, right? It needs to look fabulous, read well, be user friendly, show perfect images, link to your social media accounts, allow you to post to a blog, attract leads and enquiries, be viewable on phones and other modern devices and be found at the very top of Google search results – yep, there’s a lot that I look after as a website guru.

Something that people often don’t realise though is how important good website hosting is for your website performance. Every website needs to be hosted (stored online) somewhere. Think of web hosting as a foundation for your website to base itself on. You want that foundation to be strong, reliable and secure.

The “Cheaper” Attraction 

Majority of my clients come to me ready to launch into website design and creation mode with website hosting already purchased. This is good. Good on them for getting out there and understanding that this is one of the first steps for website creation. However, sometimes problems can strike if people have purchased their own website hosting from “cheaper” companies. They may have been told that they’re a cheap or easy option from a friend. Perhaps they were the first paid ad to show in Google results when they searched for “website hosting”.

Note: I’m using quote marks around the word cheap or cheaper because in recent years I’ve seen the prices go up big time for these companies even though they haven’t changed their service – in actual fact their prices are often very close to those of premium host providers.

For the last five or so years I have been working on websites using whichever website hosting provider clients have come to me with. If they didn’t already have web hosting organised – that was awesome and I was able to steer them in the best direction for their business and recommend a provider. Exciting news! I now provide my own web hosting service! Keep reading to learn more.

How Web Hosting Effects Your Website 

The thing about web hosting is, it actually can effect your website greatly which often people don’t realise. Different providers use different software which can be outdated or insecure. Some providers have terrible downtime on their servers – which means that every once in a while your website may be unavailable for people to view for a few seconds or minutes. Others offer tech support with really slow reply times or simply unreliable information. So if a crisis occurs, there’s no one there to offer you good honest support.

I get it. These “cheaper” web hosting providers are huge companies. They don’t offer personal support. Your website is one of many on a huge shared server (mother computer) and the “cheap” costs that you paid reflect this.

Let’s Get Personal

I’m not interested in expanding my business to have multiple employees and automated systems. I never have been. Personally looking after every single business or person that I work with gives me great insight into how I can help people improve their business. This is an important factor of my service, and I believe that this is why majority of my clients stick with me for the long-term. I’m a real person. I reply to emails when I read them. I like things to work as well as they should be. I often share my ideas for change, or recommend to NOT change things with clients without them even asking. I may notice something while checking on their website for them, or have started using a new plugin that works better than their current one and want to let them know. I am their Design Wing Woman!

Here’s The Good News

So, obviously I’m very involved with projects. I like to know how things work so if needed I can troubleshoot for people or explain things to them in simple English. So it seemed to me that the next natural step was to be able to offer my clients a GOOD, AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE + MODERN option for their website hosting. One that I could take control of for them and setup to suit their websites correctly. All of this for only 30 or 40 bucks more annually than what the “cheaper” companies offer. Minus the headaches, slow servers, unreliable tech support, long phone calls on hold, and often outdated software.

This option is now in place and I am stoked. You can read more about the inclusions for Humanised Web Hosting here. If you would like to know more or are interested in moving your website over to me from your current web hosting provider please get it touch. In most instances I can move your website over to my web hosting setup at no cost to you. Email me at louise@humanised.com.au.