Suddenly our big exciting adventure was over. We were back to our familiar life in our home town. We would still hit the road on the weekends¬†to get our kick of freedom, but in reality we were back into the routine of life at home. Working during the week to pay the bills. Dinner and movies and walks along the beach with our dog Quinn. Weekend nights with friends by the fire drinking wine and long days in bikinis. What a beautiful life, we were so blessed; but it just wasn’t enough.

The plan had been to be back home in Tweed Heads NSW for a short while, and then scoot back off overseas to live in a van and seek the unknown like wandering gypsies again. We knew we’d get there but as it happens, life at home had gotten in the way. Our savings account wasn’t ready to launch us back overseas just yet (like, nowhere near). I had started working for myself with my graphic design business and it would be a while before income started flowing well again. We were going to be in Australia for a long while yet. Life was good, but we weren’t ready for this life yet.

Something needed to happen.

A smart lady once told me that every journey in life needs a purpose to be fulfilling. It felt like I’d been hit over the head with truth.¬†Without a general purpose in your journey, you lose direction and motivation. I’m not talking about the time you went to Bali for a week because you wanted to go Bali. Of course you did, how beautiful. No, I’m talking long-term change.

In this situation we knew our purpose was to feel free and to explore, while still having money coming in to get us back overseas. We wanted to be surrounded by new things and maintain an income. We wanted something to satisfy our craving in the meantime.

Sometimes things just fall into place. Other times, you simply want it to happen so badly that you make it happen. Yes, life throws some tough obstacles in your place sometimes – but truly, if you want something you can always make it happen. It just depends on what you’re willing to risk to achieve it. Are you willing to feel a little foolish if it doesn’t work out? Well, that’s about as bad as it’s going to get. And let’s be honest people – why do you care what other people will think?

Our change came upon us quite simply: Kyle noticed there was a good amount of work for him as a mechanic on the other side of the country in Western Australia; and I said okay, let’s do it.

We had friends living in a remote town in the north west of Western Australia is an industrial town called Port Hedland. This town had plenty of work, and was surrounded by incredible vast outback that many Australian’s never get the chance to see. One quick conversation later and we were invited to live with them. If that hadn’t of happened, a caravan park would’ve satisfied us just fine.

A few weeks later, our camping gear and belongings were packed into our $2000 Nissan Patrol that we had bought 2 weeks before. Our dog Quinn jumped excitedly into his back seat and we started driving. Kyle was unemployed. I had no work coming in as it was Christmas time. We had about 2 grand to our names. Worst case scenario – we’d end up eating sandwiches for every meal and sleeping in the tent for a few weeks until we had money coming in again. Let’s be honest, life can get a lot worse than hanging out in the sunshine all day with your dog and snuggling up in a tent under the stars at night.

We could just feel in our bones that we were doing the right thing. We didn’t need to have long discussions about it. It wasn’t a big deal. We were simply doing what we wanted to do. We were off again, driving into the unknown. And the air through the open windows of our old car smelt oh so good.

We hope we help you see that there are always options out there for you. If you’re unhappy, take a risk. Fight for the change and follow it through to wherever it leads. When I’m an old woman, I won’t be looking back thinking I wonder what would’ve happened if I changed something back then – I’ll be smiling about the time we had to change our tyre at 3am on a very cold dark night, laughing at the memory of almost being swept away in our tent from flash flooding in a huge tropical storm, and remembering the sound of rushing water falling over cliffs after heavy rain in the outback.

I’ll be filled with gratitude that I took the risk and made it work.

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