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I’ve tested many options for accounting, organisation, productivity, and even music to keep motivation flowing throughout my busy days since I started freelancing seven years ago. There are so many tools out there; it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with options. I’m a huge believer in keeping things as simple as possible! The less time I spend running all the ‘stuff’ for my business, the more time I have to actually design, create and produce solutions for my clients.

Stop searching – I’ve done the years of hard work for you! Here are links to websites and tools that I highly recommend for any small business. Humanised is 100% digital thanks to these awesome online tools. No messy printing or filing. I can access any info I need at anytime, from anywhere in the world, on any device. Professional, modern, simple.

Easy Accounts with Freshbooks

Years ago when I started out, I used to create my own invoices manually. Geez, what a mess of paper and waste of time that was! Keeping track of when people paid, how much they paid, what was overdue… it was a nightmare, and gave me so much more work to do.

Invoicing is a complete breeze with this setup. I love the simplicity that Freshbooks offers, and swear by it for my business – every single year! FreshBooks is the #1 cloud accounting solution specially designed for small business owners. Join 10 million people using FreshBooks and spend less time on accounting and more time doing the work you love. Check out the free trial and see if it’s the right fit for you! (p.s. yes, it is.)

Easy Organisation with Trello

Years ago before Trello, Humanised project details were hand-written in a journal. Oh, what a complete mess. I wanted an easy way to see an overview of what I had going on, and log details for future reference.

I was told about Trello and I have never, ever looked back. You need a place to jot down all of your ideas, notes, links, projects, bookings, goals – yes? I have Trello open all day, every day, to keep track of project details and to-do lists. The simple layout allows me to understand my day / week / month in one glance, and I can share information easily with clients and contractors as required for each project. The data syncs across devices so I can check notes on the go, and it’s super easy to use. Best of all… it’s FREE!!! I cannot recommend Trello enough!

Easy Communications with GSuite

Oh gosh. What on Earth did I do before making the switch to GSuite? Years of daily email connection struggles, hoping that the important emails had at least made it out… and then a friend recommended GSuite to me.

GSuite is basically the professional version of Gmail (Google Mail); and it allows super reliable, and mega simple emailing from your professional email address i.e., instead of Modern life requires you to be able to check email efficiently on the go – which is what GSuite offers. Read, send, and organise emails online at anytime, from anywhere in the whole world, using any device. GSuite also includes other tools for business if you wish to use them such as calendar, file storage, and more… so much goodness and only 5 bucks a month!

I can setup your new professional email account for you, and even migrate over email data from your old accounts to have everything in one place – it’s an absolute breeze. We can also score you 20% off for your first 12 months, just email us.

Humanised recommends GSuite for every single website that we work on these days. Majority of our long-term clients have also made the switch – it’s simple emailing that reflects how organised and professional your business truly is.