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Website Maintenance Care Plans

In life, and business: you get out what you put in. That truth applies when it comes to your website performance too.

A website is an ongoing investment for your business. The only way that your website will perform at its best, is if it’s taken care of. There is no magic dust, no corner-cutting remedy for a kick-ass website. Like all things that deliver best results in life, they take ongoing commitment and work. Here’s where we come in. Our years of experience is your website’s secret to performing at its best for the long-term.

Your website is your central hub; it is the gateway which connects your business services to your ideal customer. Your website’s your magic weapon; it’s your master tool of intrigue, promotion, education, and communication. In a nutshell: how your website performs, functions and looks determines if a user becomes a delighted, paying customer – or not.

We create and edit smart websites to attract your ideal audience, yes. We also take very professional, very personal care of websites to ensure that they’re doing what they’re supposed to. Our expertise and years of practice allows us to complete these geeky web must-dos with confidence.

Our Website Maintenance Care Plans are available for any WordPress website – whether we have designed it or not. Get in touch with us for more information by clicking enquire on one of our Care Plans below.


The online world is filled with security risks. It’s also jam-packed with IT geniuses who are constantly finding smarter ways to do things. For these reasons, updates to WordPress software and it’s thousands of plugins are regularly available. Updates keep your website loading fast across devices, working seamlessly in modern browser versions, and offering the ultimate user experience. Hello happy customers.

Secure & User Safe

We protect your business from ever-evolving online security risks and malware. We use a range of the latest professional tools to conduct ongoing security on your website, greatly minimising the likelihood of your site being hacked. If your website is un-secure, not only is it potentially unsafe for your customers to use, but Google may also black-list your website, marking it as unsafe which can effect your rankings on search engines.

Tested & Stored

We keep a sharp eye on your website. Our rigorous testing ensures site elements are allowing for ideal customer interaction. Manual checks and performance scans allow us to monitor user experience. Backups of your WordPress website are downloaded for safe-keeping. If your site is effected by tech issues, malware, or accidentally edited / removed – we can restore your site to it’s former glory without stress.

Bundle & Save

Website Maintenance Care Plans can be booked in 3, 6 or 12 month bundles.
6 month bundle = pay for 5, get 1 free. 12 month bundle = pay for 10, get 2 free.