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WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.

While other platforms such as Squarespace and Shopify can be great and simple to use, the possibilities of WordPress are seriously endless. We love to work with WordPress, as it means you will never be limited with website functionality options over time as your business grows and changes. You think it, we can basically do it. No limits.

Why We Love Wordpress CMS

  • used by over 60 million developers world-wide, WordPress CMS can basically be edited by any developer out there. So even though we’d love to work with you for the long-term, you aren’t ‘locked-in’ with us.
  • If you ever need to move your website to a different server or web hosting provider – no worries. WordPress CMS allows us to simply package up your website and move it. Simple.
  • Sometimes you just need to quickly change a bit of text or update an image on your website, perhaps you’d like to post a blog, view your website visitor stats or manage your online store product orders… When we create websites, we provide you with login details to edit your website. We also record personalised video tutorials to show you how to do the important things on your website. This empowers our clients and saves them money. If you’re short on time or using computers just isn’t your thing – email us and we’ll sort out content updates, blog posts and – anything WordPress related really for you.
  • Plugins are basically like extra building blocks for your website. They allow us to customise, enhance and enrich your website to suit your business needs. There are over 40,000 FREE plugin options alone out there for us to install and configure on your WordPress CMS website, as well as tonnes of amazing premium plugin options. Like we said: no limitations.

Caring For Your Website

The creators of WordPress CMS are amazing tech wizards who are constantly finding ways to improve the software in terms of functionality, practicality and security. With cyber space being filled with security threats and malware attacks, updating software is more important now than ever before. Once we complete your website, you can choose not to update features if you wish. You’re in charge here, captain! However, we highly recommend updating WordPress software and plugins when they become available to keep your website in tip-top shape and secure for your users. Would you buy a shiny new car and never get it serviced?

Ask us about website security, maintenance + backup options, starting at only $19 / month. There are 3 options available: E-Commerce / High Performance Plan, Website Essentials Plan, Backups Only Plan. Plans can be booked in 3, 6 or 12 month bundles. 6 month bundle = pay for 5, get 1 free. 12 month bundle = pay for 10, get 2 free. Our director / head designer Louise personally works on each and every single website to ensure quality maintenance is provided. All new websites that we create include security, maintenance + backups looked after for you for a whole 12 months.

Our Website Packages + Investments

We offer various web packages – simple, multi-page, exciting, minimalist, sharp, modern, bells and whistles galore, and seamless online stores. We build websites especially for your brand to target your online goals, and all sites are created ready to be viewed on mobile devices. How much does a website cost? Every website is different. We create personalised websites to suit YOUR brand and to achieve YOUR goals, so investment costs do differ. To give you a rough idea though, new websites start at around the 2K mark, and multi-page / online stores or membership platform costs start at the 4K mark. Our years of creative passion and technical knowledge goes into your website every single day, week and month as we work with you to offer your customers the best experience possible. We offer personalised service so you can expect Louise, our founder, to be with you for the entire ride – and into the future if you need friendly advice or tech support. Request a quote today using the form below. Let’s get your online presence ROARING for the world to see!

Wedding Websites

We also have the pleasure of working with brides and grooms on the creation of their wedding websites! While we love printed goods in the mail, in reality as the months pass by, the crucial information about your wedding day can unfortunately be forgotten. Make it easy for your guests by having one easy place online for them to see all the details at any time leading up to your big day. Think: times, dates, locations, accomodation, transport, gifts, special events, dinners, breakfast, parties, and the super important RSVP… All in one place. We’re here to take your wedding into the glorious, and ever-so-simple digital age. No matter the age or location of your guests, they’ll know all the info without missing a thing (and without you needing to remind them thirty times). Wedding websites start from $600. The below web brief / quote form is not for wedding websites, so don’t worry about filling it in for us. See our wedding website demo here, and if you like it – simply drop us a line for more information.

“I cannot recommend Louise from Humanised Web + Graphic Design highly enough!! She took my mismatched and half formed thoughts and turned them into a gorgeous and seamless reality with my website and advertising material. She has been an ongoing support for my small business and I don’t know what I would do without her and her amazing knowledge, vision and ideas. Thank you Louise for being so patient and wonderful with me and Recover Wellbeing! I am forever grateful.”

Sarah Paxford

Founding Director, Recover Wellbeing

“I’ve been working with designers for over 10 years and Louise has to be the easiest and friendliest one of the lot who just get’s it! No hesitation to recommend Louise for any job whether small or large. Easy to work with, well priced and on time (yep, I know right). Thanks Louise.”

Tim Jack Adams

Founding Director, GreenX7, Watersports Guru, Team Building Guru

“OMG! I can not say enough good things about Louise at Humanised Web + Graphic Design. She has been an amazing support to me and my business and I don’t what I would have done without this woman helping me. Louise you are amazing, thank you for all your hard work and fixing my issues and putting up with my distress emails lol. I am so grateful to you and I look forward to many more years of your service and talent. Yup I’m a lifer. PS…did i mention how amazing you are?”

Katrina Cram

Wedding + Portrait Photographer, Katrina Cram Photography

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