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We’re so thrilled that you have chosen us to work on the professional creation of your website! We cannot wait to get stuck into the process.

Before going ahead, please view all inclusions and prices on our current price list. Please complete the following website brief form if you’re ready to book in your project.

Once submitted, we’ll have a good look through your answers and will be in touch with any questions that we may have. If we don’t have any follow-up questions and everything looks spot on to move forward, we’ll send through the deposit invoice for your website to book your project in right away.

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Website Brief Form (Packages + Add-Ons)

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  • Which email address can we send design proofs to, and communicate via during the project?
  • We primarily communicate via email to give our design team a paper trail to refer to, but if we ever need to chat to you urgently we'll give you a call.
  • Is this website for you (or your company / business), OR is this a client's website that you're interested in having created as a white label project? (Please refer to our CURRENT PRICE LIST to see the details for wholesale / white label services)
  • If you have one i.e.
  • Which package have you chosen? (Please refer to our CURRENT PRICE LIST to see inclusions)
  • (Please refer to our CURRENT PRICE LIST to see the details)
  • Tell us briefly about your business, and the products / services offered to give us an overview of what you specialise in. What makes you different from your competitors? Who needs your services? Who is your ideal client? When was the business established?
  • If this project is to REPLACE an existing website, please let us know why you wish to update the site i.e. design is outdated, new functionality / new pages required, content is out of date, we wish to add a shopping cart, etc. Has your business changed since your previous site was created? Has your ideal client / target market changed?
  • What is your preferred / targeted timeframe including start and completion dates?
  • Majority of our new clients find us because one of their friends, family members or work mates told them about us. Who told you about us? We'd love to know so that we can say THANKS!