Websites all over the world are run using WordPress – the same platform that all of my client’s websites are built with and my own for that matter. If you’re one of my clients, your website is using the same CMS platform that BBC America, The New Yorker, Sony Music, MTV News, Beyonce, Xerox, EPSN Blog, The New York Times, Google Ventures, The Wall Street Journal Law Blog and Harvard Business Review Blog (to name just a few!) trust for their own online presence.

Like all things that run well in life, your website requires love from time to time. Long gone are the days that websites can be created and forgotten about. Behind every successful website is someone (or a team depending on the size of the business / company) who constantly work on website maintenance which keeps their site secure from the non-stop threat of online attacks while making sure things function and look as best as they can. If you’re interested in achieving organic Google rankings, regular updates on your website show search engines that your website is active.

No matter what your business does or how much traffic your website receives right now – your website will never take care of itself.


  • Website security monitored to block malware and virus attacks
  • Updated components of your websites such as WordPress versions, plugins and core files assist in keeping your site secure and functioning at it’s best
  • Errors on your website caused by outdated / updated files and plugins are fixed to make sure your potential customers are seeing the best version of your website
  • Contact form / general page contents on your website are checked for optimal functionality
  • If your website ever goes down due to technical / server issues, or malware / virus attacks, we can install a previous backup of your website to get you back online as fast as possible


$69 / month, or $345 for 6 months (includes 1 month free)

For every website that we create, we offer ongoing monthly maintenance. This way you have complete control over your website – you can manage your products, orders, blog posts, and page content as you please while having an experienced WordPress professional keeping watch over the important behind-the-scenes issues.

WordPress Maintenance Sessions are completed every month and include:

– All WordPress plugins, theme framework files and WordPress software updated where available
– Any errors from updates fixed
– Top security software Wordfence installed and regularly monitored
– A manual security scan is also completed once a month for tighter security
– Backup of your website files + database saved securely to my personal Dropbox account
– Website restored from previous backup if required (if your website gets hacked, we’ll get your website back up and running as soon as possible)
– WordPress Maintenance Sessions are $69 / month on a short 3-month minimum contract, or $345 for 6 months (includes 1 month free)

Contact us today to get your online presence under control with scheduled Website Maintenance Sessions.